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1. biography
2. universal type
3. Victory Type's Bayer showcase

      a. signage, sans b. typefaces, cont.
4. links
5. bibliography
univer.gif (7751 bytes)      In 1925, Gropius commissioned Bayer to design a typeface for all Bauhaus communiqués and Bayer excitedly undertook this task.  He took advantage of his views of modern typography to create an "idealist typeface."  The result was "universal" - a rather simple geometric sans-serif font.  It utilized simple curves and has other unadorned attributes.
This sample of Bayer's universal typeface was set in Bayer Press, an in-house font developed by Victory Type based on Bayer's narrow face bold version of universal, designed in 1925.  Presently, a geometrically perfect and historically accurate remake of universal is in development by Noah Rothschild.   More on this as it happens